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What is a Try Before You Buy option?
A Try Before You Buy (TBYB) option allows you to try out a RIP option for up to 30 days so you can decide whether it meets your needs.

When the TBYB period expires you will have to purchase the option to use it again.

How do I make use of a Try Before You Buy option?
To make use of a Try Before You Buy option you must already have a RIP with a dongle.

If you have ordered a TBYB option, an e-mail containing a *.TBYB file attachment will be sent to you.

To enable TBYB options, do the following:

1. Detach the *.TBYB file from the e-mail into a safe location.

2. Open the Harlequin RIP > Configure RIP > Extras dialog box.

3. Click the Try button and navigate to the *.TBYB file, and click OK.

How do I enable an Extra option in the RIP?
Passwords to enable new RIP options should be entered in the Harlequin RIP > Configure RIP... > Extras dialog box.

To enable an option: select the item you wish to enable in the Feature list; click Add, and enter the supplied password.

When this is done click OK. The feature is now enabled.

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