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Old 15 June 2016, 10:29
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Question Pantone emulation problem.

We've been supplied a Harlequin Rip v9.0 r2 on a litho press with digital plate making and we're having problems with pantones in our artwork.

It appears that the rip is using the pantone emulation libraries that are part of the rip but as we didn't get color pro as part of the package we can't adjust it or select which library to use.

When I export our artwork from Indesign CS6 as pdf with pantones the rip produced plates with the emulated colours in a washed out very subdued state or completely wrong hue. If I use ink manager in Indesign to convert all colours to LAB the colours come out correctly. As an example pantone 485 becomes a muddy brown on the rip and press but when exported as LAB it's red. Nothing else was changed and the same print settings were used.

Our press supplier hasn't been able to help and we even had their "expert" in to try solve the problem which basically ended with "your artworks wrong" but they couldn't tell us why it was wrong or how to correct it other than changing everything to LAB / CMYK output.

We have another digital press that has an EFI rip and processes the file correctly with colour matching on.

I've searched the web and this forum and although I found a post that seems to be the same problem we're having there was no follow up on it.

I've got a feeling it's to do with the SW\NamedColor and the order they're processed in which is set by files in SW\NamedColorOrder\ but if I mention any of this to the press supplier or open any settings windows all we get is "why are you doing that, you shouldn't be changing anything, you mustn't touch it" and when I mentioned making a backup image of the rip pc to them

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Old 17 June 2016, 07:54
John Jefferies John Jefferies is offline
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Normally, the Hqn Pantone emulation is only used with ColorPro. That's because the standard Pantone databases convert the spots to XYZ which requires a suitable profile or CRD for good results on your device. It would appear that your rip is configured inappropriately for the non-ColorPro option.

FWIW. I am surprised to hear that replacing the Pantones with Lab gives good results though. That's because converting Lab to process also requires a suitable profile or CRD for your device. So there's something a bit odd going on there.

To verify that it is the Pantone emulation that is being inappropriately applied, can you bring up an executive window (from the Harlequin menu, or just use the CTRL+E keyboard shortcut). Then enter this fragment and report back with the result:

currentinterceptcolorspace {exch =string cvs print (  ) print ==} forall
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Old 11 July 2016, 11:39
stroup stroup is offline
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This is what we got for the page setup we're using

Harlequin RIP Copyright 1989-2012 Global Graphics Software Limited, All Rights Reserved.
Harlequin is a registered trademark of Global Graphics Software Limited.
Input>currentinterceptcolorspace {exch =string cvs print ( ) print ==} forall
MultipleNamedColors true
SourceGray -null-
BlendCMYK -null-
ConvertRGBBlack false
SourceRGB -null-
OverrideGray true
DeviceRGB -null-
BlackTintLuminance true
Black false
SourceCMYK -null-
OverrideRGB true
DeviceGray -null-
NamedColor -null-
BlackTint true
BlendGray -null-
UseBlendSpaceForOutput false
OverrideCMYK true
DeviceCMYK -null-
BlendRGB -null-

edit: After a month of head scratching our press guys are no nearer to sorting the problem other than the artwork fix I've already mentioned. Further info that might aid in the diagnosis is that it's a Presstek 52di waterless press with a momentum rip but it announces itself as a harlequin v9.0 r2.

edit: OK a few days down the line we've had a lot of stuff added to the press. The on-board UV system was turning the ink to the consistency of water due to heat (one slight adjustment and it would flood the page) so the original IR heat pumps and additional heat shields have had to be installed and I've got a feeling the calibration is wrong as this was done without those installed on a different site before installation.

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