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Old 22 September 2016, 15:13
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Default Disable Output Check Box Mysteriously getting "checked"

Recently installed v10.1r2 with the HDS option running on Windows Server 2012r2 and have encountered several incidents where the "Disable Output" check box in the Output Controller / Monitor is mysteriously getting checked. There are no errors in the log. All pdfs rip correctly, it does not seem to be related to a bad file which was the usual culprit when this has happened in the past. Has anyone else seen this or have a suggestion on how to resolve?
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Old 22 September 2016, 17:39
Steve Mayer Steve Mayer is offline
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If there is an issue where the output device cannot accept the output, this could happen. Examples include output larger than the device supports or, for file output, disk space running out. This will depends on the plugin being used as would the absence or presence of a message in the log file.

I suggest you contact your RIP supplier for more detailed help and support for your specific case.
Steve Mayer
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