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Old 28 November 2016, 02:13
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Default page feature how to rotate only info from page feature, not page image.

Hi All

I have been trying to get a page feature running to add some basic elements like file id, colour, date & time, this I have cobbled together using the dowload from this link.


In the page setup in the rip I have under "Effects" rotation set to zero for some of my files, which with the above
script works great, but two of my other files under "Effects" have rotation set to 90, so in the below script it rotates the whole
page, if I alter the angle to say 180, the image in my file is also rotated, how can I just rotate the information that the script supplies and not
the image in my file as well, but keeping the rotation under effects at 90?

% Page feature to add file name and sepname to the page
% without increasing the page area.
% Uses the Additional Marks imposition features described in the
% Harlequin RIP extensions manual.

currentglobal true setglobal /Marks [

/Enabled true
/MarkType /ControlText
/X 36 % means from the left
/Y 5 % means from the bottom
/Angle 0
/Text (<s8><#s0 File ID: <G <S <T ) % Size 8, plain, G file id without path, S seperation name, T time and date

] 3 -1 roll setglobal

>> /HqnImpose2 /ProcSet findresource /HqnInitImpose get exec

cheers for any input
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